Patterns: Before the Sun Sleeps

I started actively shooting toward the end of 2006, when I enrolled in my first photojournalism class. Since then, as it goes, I have begun to notice things I would have typically bypassed. The main aspect of photography that excites me is making the mundane appear interesting. If you are beginning to take pictures, pay attention to seemingly insignificant details, patterns and shapes. You will discover some neat surroundings and occurrences!


AC said...

Is this a window? I love it, thank you for the advice, I'm tinkering with my camera.

Chantalle said...

It is! Isn't the pattern nice?
I'm happy you're shooting. What sort of camera are you using? If you haven't already, you'll become attached to your camera like me.
I'll try to post some more tips and tricks in the coming weeks.