Leaf Your Heart at my Door

Just found this.
I had a craving for a brownie sundae, so I persuaded my roommate to get sweets with me before bed. When we came back to our apartment, I quickly noticed a beautiful green leaf laying atop the red rug that rests outside our front door. It was heart-shaped and had perfect little holes punched in it. Green and red: complementary colors. I unlocked the door and bolted inside so I could grab my DSLR. As I was shooting, luckily and accidentally, condensation gathered on my lens. Thus, there is a natural sort of nimbus surrounding the leaf. Photoshop: levels, saturation, dodge. The image is naturally blurry and thus sort of surreal. The discovery made me very happy. Makes my faith in the sublime that much stronger.

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Van said...

Lucky shot, it's Dewey and gorgeous.