A Look II

Construction @ Memorial Hospital, Jacksonville, FL
Experimenting with framing

The hospital was built in 1969, and an L-shaped addition is being constructed. The entrance must be demolished, so a temporary entrance is being built until the addition is finished. The project is set to be complete in about 16 months.

After I shot through this from a circular concrete block, the staff photographer I was shadowing also shot through the block.

Afterward, we stood in a grassy area off Ft. Caroline and shot a helicopter and two contractor-workers who were cleaning insulators on power-line towers. The helicopter appeared as soon as we stepped out of the Jeep. It was a gusty day, and the guys grabbed onto the chopper's skids to move spots. The towers are high and stand in the water. The staff photographer used a 600 mm lens propped onto a monopod. The helicopter did not return for a few minutes, so we decided that the pilot and the workers had taken a lunch break. So we took a lunch break. After eating delicious salad, we drove back to the same spot and, luckily, caught the helicopter as soon we arrived. JEA had tipped off the paper about the cleaning, which is supposed to last six weeks. I had a fabulous day thanks to the staff photographer I was paired with. He was knowledgeable and laid-back, with no evidence of an ego. I appreciated his minimalistic, realistic and ethical approach to photojournalism. He emphasized available light, sometimes only needing a couple strobes, and breaking artificiality by using your environment as a backdrop. He was also helpful in telling me about freelance work, too (fashion, wedding, portrait, etc.). Informative and interesting day. I learned a lot.

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