A Look

Before my first day @ the Florida Times-Union photo practicum
(That's the early morning sun burning in the background)

I lost my way there and back - no surprise. Driving home, I jumped onto 95 South knowing it would lead me to UNF. Traffic was slow, but I made it home before dark.

After a brief tour, I attended the budget meeting with the photo editor. I pulled my cotton-orange swivel chair up to the long wooden table and was handed a few papers with story ideas. The interim editor's dear old friend - a woman who has worked several years at the New York Times and is wrapping up her career - was introduced right before me. The interim editor thought it was interesting to see one ending her career and the other just beginning. Staff members, in turn, stated their name and position as if they were answering roll-call. I listened to story proposals and observed editors bounce a few ideas, ask clarifying questions.

A majority of the day, I was teamed with a staff photographer whose been at the paper for 24 years. It was a slow (rare) day, so we hunted for features around town. Before lunch, we found a black man standing on a red ladder, painting a bus stop white. I stood by and watched the photographer at work ...

Will Dickey, The Florida Times-Union

The feature had a pleasing composition with a nice sky background. After lunching and no luck finding anything else newsworthy, we drove back to the office to upload, edit and caption the photo. I learned a lot about photojournalism (lighting equipment, editing, HDR) that I'm still trying to absorb ...

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